who we are

Abracadabra is just an illusion

We craft experiences with might, turning ideas into devices, interfaces, and services to drive value for our customers and consumers. At Magic+Might, we don’t think there is a one-size-fits all approach. We believe each experience takes careful planning and iteration with our clients and their customers to arrive at the right solution.

- Thomas Edison

We're your strategic partner

We are here to help provide innovative, interactive experiences for our clients that support the needs of their businesses. Every interactive touch point is an equal opportunity to succeed or fail in the minds of consumers—this is what keeps us up at night.

We’re doodlers

Like all agencies, we rely on our computers to help bring our ideas to fruition, but we embrace physical sketching for its ability to help us generate lots of ideas quickly. And we sure do like our sticky notes a lot.

We’re craftspeople

We love to make things. Physical things. Digital things. Our Michael’s circular sits beside our McMaster catalog which sits next to the bandaids we use to patch up our inevitable Xacto war wounds.

We’re tinkerers

Making things requires tinkering and competitive research, so we keep some toys around to help get the job done, like our Makey Makey, Raspberry Pi, MakerBot, GoPro, etc.