what we do

Interactive Product Strategy

We define why an interactive product should exist, research how it will work, and predict how it will relate to the competition in the future.

Interactive Product Design

We design what an interface looks like and what happens with each touch, press, click, or other interaction.


We’ve created desktop experiences that range from desktop applications for cloud accessories to multi-touch display concepts designed to facilitate claims processing.


Our team has a broad range of experience designing both native and mobile Web applications, wearable devices and interactions, as well as phone and tablet operating systems.


Our design experience also extends to Web-based application design, B2C communication design (both digital and print), and corporate intranet design for internal communications.

I've worked with a lot of UI/UX designers in the past, and I highly recommend the Magic+Might team for their capability to deliver highly creative, artistic, and well thought out designs.
Keith Hartsfield
Chief Operating Officer
Green Edge Technologies

Strategy and Design Define the Possible

Magic+Might helps industries innovate in a changing world. Whether it’s envisioning the future of urban mobilty or empowering the consumer to control their day-to-day life through technology, our hands-on process and creative experience help shape a new reality for tomorrow.

Exploring new digital and physical experiences in vehicles.

From buttons and knobs to icons and displays, we’ve designed both physical and digital interfaces for cars of today and tomorrow. We’ve also done conceptual storytelling to paint a picture of how environmental, social and political change could alter the future driving landscape.

Bringing affordable home control and automation to everyone.

We conceptualized and designed both installer and consumer user experiences aimed to revolutionize and transform home control and automation into affordable, true home intelligence solutions that provide security, entertainment, connectivity, and comfort for everyone to enjoy.

Providing tools to insure & protect consumers

We have helped our clients develop service roadmaps for future products by defining experience attributes, illustrating use cases, designing cross-platform interactions, and aligning these experiences to the services' overall brand and value proposition.

We're fortunate to be working with smart people