Design strategy at the intersection of mobile, web, and beyond


Magic+Might provides interactive product design and innovation consulting. Our passion is bringing fresh concepts to market that change the way people talk, share and play.


Our Philosophy

Magic+Might represents the two halves of innovation. It takes both the magic of insight and inspiration and the might of creating concepts and executing them to find meaningful innovations.

Throwing a bunch of ideas on a wall is a great way to cover a wall with ideas. You need to create linkages and associations between those ideas to turn them into possibilities. We experience magic when insights intersect.

We craft experiences with might. Turning ideas into devices, interfaces and services to drive value for our customers and consumers.

Our Work

We plan, concept, and design interactive products and experiences. This includes mobile phones, tablets, desktop PC interfaces, web sites, interactive TV applications, even embedded interfaces and wearable computing.

We specialize in crafting experiences that span across different device types, creating multiple digital touch points for consumers.

Our clients generally wish to keep our work with them confidential. Many of our services support conceptual design and strategy-related, so we don't shout those details to the interwebs.